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    Some Sunlight for Chickens

    Perdue Foods, announces new “humane” policies, like having windows in at least some of its chicken factory barns. Wow ... windows!

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    Two Aquariums, Two Choices

    As the National Aquarium announces bold plans to create a seaside sanctuary for its dolphins, an exploitation company builds a swim-with-dolphins center in the Arizona desert.

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    Pigs with Human Brains

    Researchers are trying to grow human organs in pig embryos. But if the human stem cells start migrating around the embryo, the baby pig might start growing a human brain, too.

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    Are You More Important than a Gorilla?

    In a world of 7.3 billion thoroughly destructive humans and just 125,000 very peaceable gorillas, was Harambe's life worth less than Isaiah Dickerson's?

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    Can There Ever Be a ‘Humane Economy’?

    Is it possible for us humans to coexist peacefully with our fellow animals in a modern capitalist economy? Two books come to opposite conclusions.

    Is Dog Pee Killing City Trees?

    You’ve probably never thought about it as you lead Fido from tree to tree on his neighborhood walk, or as he mingles with other dogs for the latest water-cooler gossip around the trees of the dog park. But there’s mounting evidence that Fido and his pals are killing those trees.

    Just Close Marineland Down!

    There’s only one fitting conclusion to the investigations currently being conducted into the shocking conditions at the Canadian marine zoo Marineland, following the revelations by the…

    The Country Vet

    For the weekend: A rescued stallion who’s all hormones … a pit bull who literally ate the homework … a pheasant with a broken leg ……