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    Rivers of Blood

    Sounds like something straight out of the ancient Biblical Ten Plagues: rivers of blood flowing down city streets. Except that it was happening last week right outside of the…

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    More Killing – Always the Answer

    This week we’ve had the war on cats and the war on wild horses. Last week, it was wolves, and the week before, goats. Why are we always at war with the other animals?

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    Sacred Cows and Sacrificial Wolves

    What goes wrong when well-meaning animal advocates make deals with businesses and agencies that don’t have the interests of the animals at heart.

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    The Crystal Catastrophe Cruise

    What do you call a luxury ship with 1,070 people paying up to $120,000 each for a cruise through the once-impenetrable Northwest Passage?

    Is Dog Pee Killing City Trees?

    You’ve probably never thought about it as you lead Fido from tree to tree on his neighborhood walk, or as he mingles with other dogs for the latest water-cooler gossip around the trees of the dog park. But there’s mounting evidence that Fido and his pals are killing those trees.

    Just Close Marineland Down!

    There’s only one fitting conclusion to the investigations currently being conducted into the shocking conditions at the Canadian marine zoo Marineland, following the revelations by the…

    The Country Vet

    For the weekend: A rescued stallion who’s all hormones … a pit bull who literally ate the homework … a pheasant with a broken leg ……