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Posts tagged ‘Afghanistan’

War and the No-Kill Movement

The no-kill philosophy extends way beyond homeless pets. It’s a way of living that takes killing off the table – in every area once and for all. You can’t be no-kill and go hunting. You can’t be no-kill and be pro-abortion, pro-capital punishment or pro-vivisection. And you certainly can’t be no-kill and support going to war.

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Air Force Now Investigating Sheep Beating

Army investigators say they now believe that the men seen in a video cheering as they watch a sheep being beaten to death with a baseball in Afghanistan are airmen, and they have handed the case over to Air Force authorities.

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The Ultimate War Crime

People were angered by a video of United States Marines desecrating the bodies of Taliban fighters they had killed during a firefight. But another video went almost completely unnoticed.

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Aussie War Dog Wins Purple Cross

Sarbi has been presented with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Purple Cross for his service to the military in Afghanistan.

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