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Posts tagged ‘Android’

Animal Hacktivist Goes After ‘Dog Wars’

There’s something quite satisfying about the idea of a virus called “Rabies” infecting the smart phones of people who subscribe to the infamous Dogwars app.

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Should Google Be Accountable for Apps?

So we asked our Facebook community:
Do you think Google should be held accountable for the apps that are created for the Android market?

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Dog Wars App Running Under New Name

Last week, Dog Wars was removed from the Android Marketplace. But yesterday it was back again under a different name, KG Dogfighting.

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Has Android Pulled Its Dog Wars App?

It looks like the online game developer Kage Games has stopped selling its Dog Wars “game.” But, like everything else to do with Dog Wars, it’s a murky picture.

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Google Abandons Motto: ‘Don’t Be Evil’

How will Google apply its motto “Don’t be evil” to the fact that Android is marketing a depraved and degrading “game” called Dog Wars?

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