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Counting Sheep in a Shop – OMG!

How many sheep can fit inside a village sports store? (Try counting them in this video.)

The sheep were trotting through the village of Sankt Anton am Arlberg when one of them, passing by the Intersport store, saw her reflection in the window and decided to follow it inside. The rest of the flock followed along.

Eventually two of the shepherds managed to persuade the flock to quit its window shopping diversion and leave the stunned employees to pick up a lot of skis, shoes, coats,bikes, sun glasses and other sports equipment.

So, how many sheep can you count?

Air Force Now Investigating Sheep Beating

Army investigators say they now believe that the men seen in a video cheering as they watch a sheep being beaten to death with a baseball in Afghanistan are airmen, and they have handed the case over to Air Force authorities.

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Army Investigating Sheep Beating Video

Military commanders in Afghanistan are now condemning the beating of a sheep to death by a U.S. Army soldier in front of a group of other laughing soldiers and children.

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The Ultimate War Crime

People were angered by a video of United States Marines desecrating the bodies of Taliban fighters they had killed during a firefight. But another video went almost completely unnoticed.

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When Sheep Gang Up on Sheepdog

Like many Border collies, Ci was born and bred to herd sheep. So how come, when confronted with a herd of sheep, he simply takes off in the opposite direction?

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Sheep Saved from Rocky Ledge

Six sheep had been stuck on the cliff for over a week. Farmers lowered food and tried to coax them back to the top, but to no avail. Finally, they called for help.

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