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Summer Snowstorm at Cedar Breaks

Smaller Vistas

Pine trees are in bloom along the trail

Heading back along the trail, I stopped to look at some of the smaller, but no less awesome, vistas – the plants and trees that cling to the cliff sides. They remind you that life is as tenacious as it is beautiful.

Small flowering plants grow out of the rock

And beautiful flowers bloom briefly on the forest floor.

About Cedar Breaks and Cedar Mountain

Cedar Breaks lies at the top of Cedar Mountain, which is probably best known for being home to Brian Head, one of the top skiing areas of the country. (This year it’s had an extra-long season due to the unprecedented amount of snow.)

It was declared a monument in 1933 by Franklin D. Roosevelt, as one of the many government programs he launched to lift the economy out of the Depression.

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What you can do: If you go to Cedar Breaks, or anywhere on the mountain, remember that this is still pristine land. The Park Service asks you not to leave your car idling, to recycle everything, including the brochures you pick up, and to bring reusable water bottles.

Wherever you go to be part of the wondrous world of nature, have a great time!