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  • Climate Change: from War to Brain Damage

    As climate change accelerates, our warming planet is driving crises that range from war on one side of the globe to brain-damaged babies on the other. A few reports from recent…

  • Climate News to Make Your Blood Boil

    What a week for climate change. A blizzard of new studies and reports. Let’s start in the Middle East – you know, that place where we dig up more oil than anywhere else in…

  • Ocean Circulation May Be Shutting Down

    Remember the 2004 movie The Day After Tomorrow, where fresh water from melting polar ice pours into the North Atlantic, pushing down the warm salt water and causing ocean currents…

  • Almost Toast

    You might reasonably assume that the red line in this diagram illustrates what happens if humankind takes no action at all on climate change. But no, what the red line actually…

  • What Really Sparked the War in Syria

    Satellite image showing Syria at focal point of Middle East drought. It’s horrific, intractable, seemingly endless … and quite possibly the shape of other wars to come.…

    Largest U.S. Natural Disaster Ever

    Not an earthquake, hurricane or tornado cluster; it’s the drought that’s burning up half the country. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared natural disaster areas…

    About Earth in Transition

    In a world that’s under serious and increasing stress, the mission of Earth in Transition is to transform the way we relate to our fellow animals,…

    Perpetual Ocean

    This remarkable video of our living ocean planet shows how ocean currents flowed around the world during the period from June 2005 through December 2007. The…

    Weather Extremes Now Clearly Due to Climate Change

    While scientists have been leery of attributing specific droughts, heat waves and other weather events to climate change, you can now definitely draw the connection. The big Texas and Oklahoma droughts, for example, are indeed a direct result of climate change.

    Winter at Zion

    It’s been a dry winter so far here in canyon country, but it snowed a bit a couple of days ago, so I drove over to Zion National Park for a few hours yesterday afternoon.

    Faces from the Past

    At the time when the Roman Empire was collapsing, here in the American Southwest it was the birth of the Ancestral Pueblo people. A visit to their cave paintings at Indian Canyon.

    Hot as Hell

    Temperatures in more than 16 states were expected to climb over 110 degrees today, and with little relief in sight. The National Weather Service issued excessive heat warnings.

    Life Without Big Animals

    What happens when we shoot the wolves, hunt down the elephants, harpoon the whales, fish out the salmon? The answer is: it’s really bad for us, not just for those animals. And if we needed proof, we now have it.