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  • The ‘Animal Rights’ Paradox

    How's the animal rights movement doing? If you rate it by the simple question "How many animals have rights?" you'd have to say "Not very well." Call it the animal rights paradox.

  • At Sundance, a Triumph for "Unlocking the Cage"

    Premiered at Sundance, the movie follows attorney Steven M. Wise as he argues to a high court judges that chimpanzee Tommy has the capacity for legal rights and should be set free…

  • New York Times Mag on Chimp Rights

    Renowned author and journalist Charles Siebert writes about the Nonhuman Rights Project for this week’s cover story in the New York Times Magazine. Siebert accompanies…

  • Why Humans Don’t Want Nonhumans as Persons

    Steven Wise, animal rights attorney and founder of The Nonhuman Rights Project, discusses why we humans don’t like the idea of other animals being recognized as legal…

    Leading Scientist Says Chimpanzees Should Have Moral Standing

    If you want to understand human nature, learn from other animals – especially chimpanzees. That’s the word from one of the world’s experts on chimpanzee behavior, Frans de Waal. He’s been studying chimpanzees for nearly 40 years, mostly at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center …

    Missouri Law Would Ensure No Rights to Nonhumans

    A bill working its way through the Missouri legislature would prevent any future legislation in the state from granting “human-like” rights to animals. State representative Ward Franz said his bill is prompted by “outside animal-rights organizations coming into the state trying to impose their will on Missouri’s people and businesses.”

    The Rights of a Nonhuman Person

    What rights might a chimpanzee or a dolphin have when we consider these nonhumans as persons with the capacity for legal rights. Eric Michael Johnson writes about this in his “Primate Blogs” at Scientific American:

    PETA v. SeaWorld – The Aftermath

    The judge ruled against PETA in its case accusing SeaWorld of holding orcas as slaves in violation of the 13th Amendment. PETA calls it a victory anyway. But a leading animal rights attorney fears the case may have set back the cause of animal rights.

    You Are Not His Family!

    There’s something a bit creepy about SeaWorld spokesman David Koontz telling us that Ikaika the pre-teen, troubled orca “will become a member of our family.”

    How Do You Define a Person?

    While a pair of cells may be deemed to be a person, a 40-year-old elephant or orca, who carries the wisdom and culture of her community, is no more considered a person than is a computer or a pile of garbage.