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  • Pigs: Smart & Machiavellian

    Winston Churchill famously said: “A dog looks up to you; a cat looks down on you; only a pig treats you as an equal.” But that, of course, is hardly how we treat them…

  • New York Times Mag on Chimp Rights

    Renowned author and journalist Charles Siebert writes about the Nonhuman Rights Project for this week’s cover story in the New York Times Magazine. Siebert accompanies…

  • Why Humans Don’t Want Nonhumans as Persons

    Steven Wise, animal rights attorney and founder of The Nonhuman Rights Project, discusses why we humans don’t like the idea of other animals being recognized as legal…

    Scientists Declare: Nonhuman Animals Are Conscious

    Science leaders have reached a critical consensus: Humans are not the only conscious beings; other animals, specifically mammals and birds, are indeed conscious, too. The official decision was reached in late night discussions two weeks ago during the prestigious annual Francis Crick Memorial Conference.

    Chat with Bonobos on Your Tablet!

    Researchers at the Bonobo Hope Great Ape Trust Sanctuary in Des Moines, Iowa, have developed a tablet app that allows humans to communicate with the great apes who are living at their sanctuary.

    Leading Scientist Says Chimpanzees Should Have Moral Standing

    If you want to understand human nature, learn from other animals – especially chimpanzees. That’s the word from one of the world’s experts on chimpanzee behavior, Frans de Waal. He’s been studying chimpanzees for nearly 40 years, mostly at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center …

    Missouri Law Would Ensure No Rights to Nonhumans

    A bill working its way through the Missouri legislature would prevent any future legislation in the state from granting “human-like” rights to animals. State representative Ward Franz said his bill is prompted by “outside animal-rights organizations coming into the state trying to impose their will on Missouri’s people and businesses.”

    The Rights of a Nonhuman Person

    What rights might a chimpanzee or a dolphin have when we consider these nonhumans as persons with the capacity for legal rights. Eric Michael Johnson writes about this in his “Primate Blogs” at Scientific American:

    Happy to Help, but Please Ask First

    There’s more and more evidence that chimps have what scientists call a “theory of mind” – the ability to understand the minds of others. (It was once thought that only humans had this ability.)

    Chimps Are Smart and Altruistic

    Ayumu, who lives at Kyoto University in Japan, is back in the news for his ability to remember the location and order of a set of numbers in less time than it take you to blink – 30 milliseconds, to be precise.

    Does the Universe Want to Play?

    The rapidly growing scientific field of “play studies” is turning up so many surprising examples of what at least appear to be play activities in the most surprising places, that scientists are asking whether there may be something about the very fabric of matter itself that continually spawns and nurtures fun and play.

    PETA v. SeaWorld – The Aftermath

    The judge ruled against PETA in its case accusing SeaWorld of holding orcas as slaves in violation of the 13th Amendment. PETA calls it a victory anyway. But a leading animal rights attorney fears the case may have set back the cause of animal rights.

    The Crow Who Goes Snowboarding

    Can anyone doubt that this crow is simply having a great time in the snow with his/her “snowboard”? This amateur video, shot from a high-rise window in Russia, speaks volumes about a crow’s inner life. That it is play is undeniable. And there’s much more: tool use, planning, the emotion of fun.

    ‘Look Where I’m Pointing’

    We humans point at things with our fingers, or by motioning with our head and eyes. Other apes do much the same thing. Now we know that raven do it, too. In their case, they point with their beaks.