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    Catching the Bass

    Intriguing video of a kitty trying to catch air waves coming out of a sub-woofer. (Maybe she’s assuming that a sub-woofer is some kind of sub-canine?)

    The Dogs of Sochi

    At least if you’re a human visiting the Sochi Olympics (and despite what we’ve heard about toothpaste bombs, toxic yellow water, and homophobia), you’ll probably make…

    The Great Dachshund Dash

    Ninety-six dachshunds made a run for it, last weekend, in Washington D.C.’s Federal Triangle, raising $2,000 for the Washington Humane Society. It was the 2nd Annual…

    Dog to the Rescue!

    As more and more of Europe was awash in floods last month, it could be difficult to get around. Especially if you were in a wheelchair.…