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  • What Really Sparked the War in Syria

    Satellite image showing Syria at focal point of Middle East drought. It’s horrific, intractable, seemingly endless … and quite possibly the shape of other wars to come.…

  • Battle Buddy Now Therapy Donkey

    “He was a battle buddy,” said Marine Col. John Folsom, who had brought the donkey home from Iraq. “And you don’t leave your battle buddy behind.”

    If You’re an Animal Organization

    Get together now and build an emergency coalition. In the New York disaster, the city’s Animal Care & Control took on most of the animal rescue and relocation side of things, the Suffolk SPCA took care of the search-and-rescue dogs, and the ASPCA handled emergency veterinary care. Decide who’s going to be doing what in your community.

    Diary of a K-9 Team

    “The lieutenant asked Cody and me to climb down into a pit 10 feet deep and search for any signs of life. I called into the back of the hose truck several times, but there was no response. Then Cody, my golden retriever, began scratching the earth and whimpering. I told the firefighters above me: ‘We have a body down here!’”

    Pets in Peril

    Kathleen Ross, had been in her lower Manhattan apartment, just blocks from the World Trade Center, when the terrorists struck. She knew she had to get out, but her 4-year-old cat, Tweety-Pye, was too terrified to cooperate. As the second tower collapsed, the beautiful gray kitty ran and hid.

    Search and Rescue, Canine Style

    “The dogs would come out of the site covered in ash and debris,” Gross recalled. “We hydrated them with IV fluids, rinsed the dust out of their eyes, bathed them, gave them antibiotics, cleaned and stitched wounds, and fitted them with booties.”

    Four-legged Heroes

    On the 70th floor, as soon as he heard the crash and the ensuing chaos, Omar Eduardo Rivera, who was blind, ordered his guide dog, Dorado, to go down the stairs to safety without him. Rivera was certain he could never make it to safety himself.

    Pier 40 – Heart of the Operation

    When Marcello Forte took a call from New York City animal control, there were already 30,000 tons of food and supplies piling up at the waterfront. The Center for Animal Care and Control (CACC) urgently needed help at Pier 40, which had been set up as an emergency distribution point.

    Animals at the Zoo in Tripoli

    In the sweltering heat of Libya, and with the staff having abandoned the Tripoli Zoo, the animals there are simply more “collateral damage” – and the most helpless of all since they have no way to fend for themselves.

    The Lion of Afghanistan

    What was it about the Lion of Afghanistan that touched such a deep chord in us all? To see the King of Beasts become the sacrificial victim of humanity’s hatred and folly feels desperately wrong.

    The Most Decorated Dog

    To this day, Stubby, a pit bull mix, remains the most decorated animal in history. And many other pit bulls are regularly honored as heroes and therapy dogs all over the world.

    Animal Soldiers Go Hi-Tech

    Bottlenose dolphins are trained to alert their navy partners to protect ships and harbors from terrorists, to search out mines and leave an acoustic transponder close by so divers can then find the weapon’s location.

    When Soldiers Deploy

    A couple soon to be deployed learned of an organization, GASP, that’s made up of volunteers who take in pets of people in the military when they are deployed overseas.