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  • What Really Sparked the War in Syria

    Satellite image showing Syria at focal point of Middle East drought. It’s horrific, intractable, seemingly endless … and quite possibly the shape of other wars to come.…

  • Battle Buddy Now Therapy Donkey

    “He was a battle buddy,” said Marine Col. John Folsom, who had brought the donkey home from Iraq. “And you don’t leave your battle buddy behind.”

    Smoke – No More Fire

    Smoke the donkey, rescued by marines serving in Iraq, has finally arrived in the United States and is on his way to his new home, where he will work as a therapy animal.

    The 80th Commando

    Everything to do with the Special Forces is cloaked in mystery, including the identity of the 80th member of the team that raided the bin Laden compound: a canine.