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An Ape in Heels

A bishop, running for Congress, portrays the First Family as chimpanzees. Offensive and hateful. But it also tells us something about our fear of being great apes ourselves.

Enough Already!

One of the gorillas at the Dallas Zoo has finally had enough of a bunch of out-of-control kids yelling abuse at him through the glass. This…

Great Apes in the Mist

KCET interviews great ape researcher Craig Stanford about the demise of our closest cousins in the wild. Stanford explains why all the great apes will be…

Wildlife Park Owner: ‘Shut Down Zoos!’

Wildlife park owner Damian Aspinall says it’s time to shut down zoos – especially city zoos. And to make his point, he’s preparing to release an entire family of 11 western lowland gorillas from his wildlife park in England to the wild in Africa as part of his charity’s Back to the Wild project.

Gorilla Plays with Toddler

When his daughter, Tansy, was just 18 months old, Damian Aspinall put her in one of the gorilla enclosures at his wildlife park in the U.K.…

Me and My Big Bro

Kesho and Alf hadn’t seen each other for three years. And in that time, Kesho had really grown up. Now 13 years old, he weighs almost…

Candid GorillaCam

The camera had been placed along the path by members of the Wildlife Conservation Society, which is looking to save this highly endangered species (250 of them remaining) from extinction.

Video of the Year

Of all the great videos of the year, this one really tops the charts. The gorillas simply walk in to a tourist camp at Bwindi National Park one morning. Note that the great silverback is in charge of the proceedings, letting the kids know what’s OK, what’s not, and how long they can visit the human.