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The New Power Vegans

More and more business moguls are switching to a plant-based diet. Just a few weeks after former president Bill Clinton revealed that his diet is almost…

Animal Antibiotic Alert

Now, after decades of debate, the Food and Drug Administration is poised to stop factory farms from routinely pumping antibiotics into animals. Doctors are worried that this is making us sick and, worse, resistant to antibiotics.

Happiness Is a Warm Puppy

How a dog helped a patient in psychotherapy rediscover her true emotions. “Animals have a way of triggering the deep imprisoned emotions of love, kindness, trust, value and playfulness,” explains psychologist Dr. Ruby Benjamin.

Putting the Egg Together Again

For thousands of years, the egg was a universal symbol of life. Last week, it became a symbol of death. Half a billion eggs recalled. People sick. What’s up? Zoe editor Michael Mountain says the answer is really quite simple.