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True Facts about Sloths

From Buzzfeed’s Ze Frank. (Fair warning: includes humor some may find tasteless!) [readon] And for more about sloths, visit the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica –…

Blind Dog and His ‘Pwditat’

Pwditat knows how to guide his canine friend Terfel around the house and into the backyard of their home in Wales. He uses his paws to show Terfel the way.

The pair have been inseparable since Pwditat (the Welsh “w” is pronounced as in “pussycat”) arrived at the front door one evening.

Driving Miss Dogsy

Monty settles into the driver’s seat, starts the car, puts it in gear, and heads off down the road, carefully steering as he goes. You’ve probably…

Penguins in Love

Humans, we’ve been learning, sometimes have difficulty remembering their vows, especially when one of them is on a tour of duty. But penguins are naturally faithful to each other. And one particular pair of Magellanic penguins turns out to be among the most faithful of couples.

Count Dracula’s Kitties

Count Azul would love a little taste of your neck. He and his fellow Counts, below, were some of my favorite rescued kitties looking for good homes one October, several years ago, when I was part of Best Friends Animal sanctuary.

‘I Was Raised by Monkeys’

Kidnapped by human traffickers at age four, Marina Chapman woke up to find herself abandoned in the rain forest of Colombia. She spent the next five years living with Capuchin monkeys – like a female Tarzan.

Now in her 60s, she’s finally telling her story.

On Picking Up Starfish (Starhorses?)

Last month, I wrote about my friend Tom, who, after doing much to bring an end to the killing of homeless pets, finds himself involved in horse rescue and rehab – one horse at a time. Last month, Spartacus, an 18-year-old Peruvian Paso who had had a horrible life, had just had a visit from the chiropractor. Here’s an update from Tom on how Spartacus is doing a month later:

Rescued Crow Now Family Friend

When a family in Ottawa found a baby injured crow, they took him home. When he was back in good health, they released him. But by then he’d made friends with the Renauds – mom, dad, the kids and the cats. and while he’s free as a bird, he keeps coming “home” to visit. Check out this delightful video.

Till Death Do Us (Coyotes) Part

No cheating, no wife swapping, no ménages-a-trois, no polygamy. Coyote couples are partners for life. That’s the finding of a new study of urban coyotes in and around Chicago. Over six years, the research team didn’t find a single case of a coyote having more than one mate – nor of one mate ever leaving another while the other was still alive.