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The Next Few Weeks …

It’s just a few weeks now until the Nonhuman Rights Project files the first-ever lawsuit on behalf of a chimpanzee seeking the right to “bodily liberty”…

Leading Scientist Says Chimpanzees Should Have Moral Standing

If you want to understand human nature, learn from other animals – especially chimpanzees. That’s the word from one of the world’s experts on chimpanzee behavior, Frans de Waal. He’s been studying chimpanzees for nearly 40 years, mostly at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center …

Missouri Law Would Ensure No Rights to Nonhumans

A bill working its way through the Missouri legislature would prevent any future legislation in the state from granting “human-like” rights to animals. State representative Ward Franz said his bill is prompted by “outside animal-rights organizations coming into the state trying to impose their will on Missouri’s people and businesses.”

The Rights of a Nonhuman Person

What rights might a chimpanzee or a dolphin have when we consider these nonhumans as persons with the capacity for legal rights. Eric Michael Johnson writes about this in his “Primate Blogs” at Scientific American: