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Which Is Worse: Sex or Death?

A farmhand in Florida’s horse country is on trial for having sex with a donkey. At around the same time this man was arrested, a museum in Texas bought two mules, killed them, had them stuffed, and put them on display in an exhibition from which the museum will make money. Which is worse?

The Massacre in Denver

If you want to see a deranged adult killer in the making, watch out for a young animal abuser. In each of five school massacres that took place in the year and a half leading up to the Columbine case, the kids who opened fire on their fellow students, teachers, and family all had a history of killing or hurting animals first.

Bonobo Genome Revelation

Scientists have completed the mapping of the bonobo genome. This means that all five great ape species – chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans and humans – have now had their genomes mapped.

Getting Humans to Dance for Food

They’re becoming like the bears who “dance” for tourists on the streets of various Asian countries. The tourists think it’s all very cute … but like every other kind of exploitation, what goes on behind the scenes is horrific.

The Year Ahead

All life is inter-related, so whatever we’re doing to each other, to the other animals and to the Earth, we’re inevitably doing to ourselves.

Does Loving Pets Make It Easier to Eat Meat?

A recent article on food taboos got me thinking about how living with pets affects our beliefs about eating meat. The article by James Serpell, one of the most insightful and creative minds in anthrozoology, offers a new perspective on why we eat some animals but not others.

O Christmas Tree

It all began in the great old forests of Northern Europe, when people would bring a young tree indoors for the winter and then replant it in spring. Back then, the great spruce, oak, pine and redwood trees were venerated as representing every aspect of the divine life force.

Was Hitler a Vegetarian?

My colleague Laura Wright and I were standing in front of an English class arguing about whether Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian. We were guest speakers in a course on film and literature.

Conception to Birth – the Video

Alexander Tsiaras is an artist and technologist. His work explores the unseen human body, developing visualization software that enables him to “paint” the human anatomy.

Welcome Home!

See what happened when a U.S. Air Force Captain was greeted by Molly, her 8-year-old pup, at the airport where she landed after a tour of duty in Afghanistan.