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Cloning Cats, Cows and Neanderthals

When Prof. Church and others offer, as a reason for cloning Neanderthals, that this may help save the human race from extinction, they simply betray their deeper anxieties about their own mortality.

What’s Next for the Government’s Chimpanzees?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has taken another big step toward bringing an end to the use of chimpanzees in research. But there’s still a long way to go – and it’s still quite uncertain where the retired chimpanzees can go and who’s going to pay for them.

Vivisection, UCSF-Style

A rhesus monkey, named Petra, kept in a botched brain study with screws and a piece of acrylic waste buried in her head. Mice having their toes cut off without a drop of anesthesia. Others dying of thirst. Birds cut open without anesthesia. All of this, and much more, at the University of California at San Francisco, which experimented its way through 800,000 animals last year.

Hundreds of Sick Chimpanzees Held in Labs Until They Die

Two thirds of the chimpanzees who died at vivisection laboratories over the past ten years were so sick from chronic illness or multi-organ diseases that they should, by law, have been retired from experimentation. Instead, they were simply held for further research.

That’s the conclusion of a new study from the New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) to be published in October 2012 edition of the journal Alternatives to Laboratory Animals.

Toward the End of Research on Chimps

The National Institutes of Health has taken another step toward ending medical and scientific research on chimpanzees. All of the government’s 110 chimpanzees at the infamous New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana are being made “permanently ineligible” for research. But it’s only a small step. Just 10 of the chimps are being moved to a sanctuary – Chimp Haven. The other 100 are going to a research center in Texas. Why is that?

Top Ten Tax-Funded Bizarre Experiments

We’ve heard plenty of stories in the last few days of tax dollars funding lavish Las Vegas vacations for government agencies and prostitution scandals in the Secret Service. But these are all peanuts compared to the amount of your money being dished out for weird vivisection experiments.