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Tallest Horse … Gentle Giant

Big Jake just took over the top spot as world’s tallest living horse, and made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

At 6 feet, 11 inches and 2,600 pounds, the Belgian gelding is almost three inches taller than the previous record-holder, a Clydesdale from Texas named Remington.

Big Jake’s person, Jerry Gilbert, says the horse is a truly gently giant, who helps raise funds for a charity that helps the parents of hospitalized children. the owner of Smokey Hollow Farm near Poynette in Wisconsin, often takes the animal to horse shows, where he pulls hefty stuff around in a team of four or six draft horses.

Smallest horses

While we’re at it, here are two horses vying for the title of world’s smallest horse:

Thumbelina, a miniature sorrel brown mare, is 17.5 inches tall, and lives with Kay and Paul Goessling at the Goose Creek Farm in Missouri.

And this is Einstein, just 14 inches high, who lives with Dr. Rachel Wagner in Hampshire, England.

Einstein was only a few days old when this photo was taken, so he’s not making any claims yet. But apparently, as a miniature horse, it’s known that he won’t grow very tall. We just don’t know how tall quite yet.Speaking of small, let’s note that here at Zoe, we’re not keen on the breeding and selling of mini-horses. The small industry of people breeding these horses for sale is hardly the worst thing in the world, but we’d rather see horses the way they were meant to be, and we prefer to see cats and dogs as household pets — which is the way they were meant to be. Yes, the mini-horses are very cute, but we don’t want to see them ending up as cast-offs who are left homeless when the novelty wears off.