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    How We “View” Other Animals

    How we “view” other animals (from a position of privilege and exploitation), and how our behavior toward them and toward the planet has led to an irreversible, mass extinction.

    The “I Am NOT an Animal!” Symposium

    It’s the big question – perhaps the only one that truly matters right now: “Why is it that, despite the continuing work of animal protection, conservation and ecological groups, the situation for most of our fellow animals continues to go from bad to worse?”

    Speaker Bios

    Carl Safina Carl Safina’s writing about the living world has won him a MacArthur “genius” prize; Pew, and Guggenheim Fellowships; book awards from Lannan, Orion, and…

    Session Topics

    Each session lasts an hour and half, divided into three parts: * a half-hour presentation by the speaker; * a half-hour Q&A conducted by an invited…

    Top Scientist Predicts RAPID Ocean Rise

    World-renowned climate scientist Dr. James Hansen is predicting a rapid ocean rise of 20 to 30 feet – enough to submerge every coastal city on Earth – along with catastrophic shutting down of ocean circulation, leading to massive storms and other climate upheavals. And the key word is RAPID.

    How We Moved from Denial to Anger

    The recognition is finally dawning that Planet Earth is in deep trouble. In terms of the five stages of coping with one’s impending demise, we seem to be moving, as a society, from Stage One: Denial, to Stage Two: Anger.

    The Zuckerberg Syndrome

    Mark Zuckerberg plans to donate most of his wealth (currently valued at about $45 billion) to the cause of “personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people and…

    When Paradise Turns Deadly

    The gentle creek that flows down Water Canyon turned deadly this week as it exploded into a flash flood killing 15 people, most of them children.…