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One Thing You Can Do

Most climate scientists and environmental organizations continue to skip over the one critical thing that any and all of us can do to save ourselves, the other animals and the Earth from the devastation that climate change is beginning to wreak. But the fact is there’s one simple thing that we can all do about it. And the more of us do it, the more it can turn this whole thing around while there’s still time.

The One Way to Celebrate Earth Day

This Sunday, you can celebrate Earth Day by recycling something, joining a group that’s picking up old cans and bottles, taking a reusable shopping bag to the supermarket …Or you can do the one thing that will really make a difference.

Are You a Vegansexual?

Latest word to enter the scientific vocabulary: Vegansexual. The term was coined in New Zealand after much media attention was given, four years ago, to a study that noted that an increasing number of vegans said they engaged in sexual relationships and intimate partnerships only with other vegans.

James Cromwell: They’re Not Pets and I Don’t Own Them

Actor James Cromwell is about as passionate for animals as it gets. Ten years ago, he was even arrested during an animal rights protest in Fairfax, Virginia, at a Wendy’s and then ordered to stay out of all Wendy’s restaurants in Fairfax County Virginia unless he intends to eat there … which, one would imagine, he has no intention of doing.

How Many True Vegetarians?

How do you categorize whether someone is truly a vegetarian or not? A lot of people call themselves veggies because they “only” eat, say, fish, eggs and dairy … or they eat vegetarian three times a week.

Thanksgiving for Veggie Folks

“This vegetarian treat is a beautiful addition to the Thanksgiving holiday table,” writes Christina W. “My family has been making it for years. You won’t even miss the turkey!

How to Start on a Plant-Based Diet

Just start simply, maybe just one day a week. Like on Thursday just have granola and soy milk for breakfast, a tofu sandwich for lunch and spaghetti for dinner just to show yourself that you can make it for one day without animal products. Then make it two days, then three days. Instead of having meat three times a day, make it one meal a day.