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Saying No to Animal Circuses in Malta

Around 200 people staged a protest on the Mediterranean island nation of Malta asking for a ban on all circuses involving animals. The Animal Circus calls itself a Christmas tradition in Malta, but local animal protection groups have long been pushing for it to be stopped.

More Chimps Go to Sanctuary

It’s first-class travel for Bradley the chimp. He’s one of the last of the chimps on their way from the former Coulston Research Facility to a new home in Florida.

Where in the World is Ric O’Barry?

He’s everywhere! Like a tornado ripping through the Far East, from Japan to Thailand to the Solomon Islands to Singapore, Ric O’Barry is constantly on the move in his passion to save dolphins from cruelty and exploitation.

Oceans of Trash

September is “Debris Month of Action” and scuba divers are collecting data and sending it to Project AWARE to help scientists understand how much trash there is in oceans.

SeaWorld Goes on Trial

Monday, 19 months after killer whale Tilikum dragged his trainer to her death, SeaWorld Orlando will be in court to fight charges of having committed “willful” safety violations.