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All You Can Eat

Two-thirds of adults and one-third of children in the United States are overweight or obese. We’re not only eating ourselves to death; the “food” we eat is actively poisoning us. And some of it is poisoning the planet, too.

When a New Baby Arrives

A dog who’s properly introduced to an infant can gain a new sense of responsibility. But negative situations can lead a dog like Linus to despair.

Healing from PTSD

She was a pitiful sight, curled in a fetal position, huddled and immobile. She’d come from a puppy mill, and showed all the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

The Green-Eyed Monster

Jealousy is not limited to humans. Scientists agree that other animals can experience complex emotions like jealousy and pride. And whenever feelings of jealousy arise within a relationship, deep trouble often follows

WikiLeaks Report on Bird Flu

One of secret cables published by WikiLeaks relates to plans regarding the possible spread of bird flu into the human population of New Zealand. Excerpts from…

How Good a Dogtor is Fido?

We all know that pets and other animals are good for our health. Or are they? Psychologist and author Hal Herzog has looked through the medical evidence and has some surprising conclusions. Michael Mountain writes about this in his latest blog

Reading to Dogs

Reading aloud to other people can be stressful for young people. But there’s no better way to gain confidence than by reading to a furry friend!

New Discoveries about Overweight Animals

The obesity epidemic has expanded beyond pets and humans. Other kinds of animals have been getting larger, and there are new theories that implicate pollution and viruses. Still, the basic facts about good food and exercise haven’t changed.