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  • Westminster Porn Show

    One of the world's few remaining pageants of objectification and commoditization.

  • The ‘Animal Rights’ Paradox

    How's the animal rights movement doing? If you rate it by the simple question "How many animals have rights?" you'd have to say "Not very well." Call it the animal rights paradox.

  • At Sundance, a Triumph for "Unlocking the Cage"

    Premiered at Sundance, the movie follows attorney Steven M. Wise as he argues to a high court judges that chimpanzee Tommy has the capacity for legal rights and should be set free…

  • Pigs: Smart & Machiavellian

    Winston Churchill famously said: “A dog looks up to you; a cat looks down on you; only a pig treats you as an equal.” But that, of course, is hardly how we treat them…

  • Ringling Caves!

    The elephants are packing their trunks. By any standard, today’s decision by the Ringling Circus to phase out its elephant acts represents a seismic shift in the use of…

    Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

    Tafi Atome looks like a typical forest in Ghana. The monkeys have been revered in this village for two centuries. But being “sacred” is no guarantee of survival.

    The Worm at the Core

    Psychologist Sheldon Solomon explains Terror Management Theory – the study how we manage the lifelong anxiety that’s born of our terror of death – and how it affects our behavior toward other animals.

    How We “View” Other Animals

    How we “view” other animals (from a position of privilege and exploitation), and how our behavior toward them and toward the planet has led to an irreversible, mass extinction.

    Companionship Across the Abyss

    Is there a hidden meaning behind the story of Adam and Eve and the Serpent? Jonathan Crane explains what it may be telling us about our relationship to our fellow animals … and how it could have been otherwise.

    The State of Planet Earth Today

    In his overview of the state of Planet Earth today, Carl Safina begins by asking the seemingly unrelated question: “Does my dog really love me? Or does she just want a treat?”

    An Ape in Heels

    A bishop, running for Congress, portrays the First Family as chimpanzees. Offensive and hateful. But it also tells us something about our fear of being great apes ourselves.