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Let’s Share Some Spaghetti!

“Counter-walking cats,” you write, “should be kept out of the kitchen during preparation and during dinner when the extra food is just sitting there.” A reader of your column just sent us this video of Mackinaw Queenie and Kenzie in the kitchen:

You’d Feel Chirpy, Too!

Birds’ smoothing each other’s plumage was mostly thought to be simply part of their bathing routine. But we’ve now learned that, like other animals, they do it to relax – just like a massage, and often after a busy bout of foraging for food.

The Birds Are Watching!

Movie director Alfred Hitchcock may have had it right: The birds are watching us. Crows, in particular, keep watch on you if they think you’re out to get them or their family. And they never forget your face.

Shakespeare and the Aflockalypse

We now know what really happened in at least one of the recent mystery bird deaths. They were killed by our government. The whole story begins with something Shakespeare wrote in Henry IV and that his fans in New York City did more than a century ago

Has the Aflockalypse Begun?

There are lots of theories about why birds have been falling out of the sky. But while it’s surely sad for the birds, what’s happening is small potatoes compared to what else is happening to animals around the nation and beyond

Caught in the Custody Crossfire

Did Norton the parrot belong with the family he now lived with? Or with the neighbors who had given him away but now wanted him back? Companion animal custody cases are becoming more common. Check out the judge’s ruling in this one, and tell us if you agree.

Creating Your Own Wildlife Preserve

Arizona resident replaces water-thirsty lawn with native plants. She saves water and money, and soon birds and other welcome wildlife are gracing her backyard. “It’s a riot of color in spring when everything is blooming,” she says

This Week in Green – Nov. 12, 2010

What do sunburned whales, deformed beaks, rice, chocolate and beer have in common? They’re all in the environmental news this week. Rice may be the highlight, with strategies in the offing to help combat both hunger and poverty

To the Moon and Back – Twice!

This Arctic tern was first identified 30 years ago. Since then, she’s being flying pole-to-pole migrations every year. That’s roughly a million miles. And she rears her young, feeds and educates them. That’s quite a mom!

How Not to Help a Hawk

Let’s leave rehab to the professionals By Liz Stelow, D.V.M. “There’s a woman named Judy here with a red-tailed hawk,” our receptionist told me. I thanked…