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Mother Nature’s Extra Vote

Last week, Mother Nature cast an early vote, with Hurricane Sandy reminding us all that there’s just one overarching priority for the next administration and the next Congress. This week another storm is brewing.

Last night, when President Obama spoke to his supporters and to the nation, he laid out his priorities for the next four years:

Wildlife to Israel: "Tear Down This Wall."

The Israeli government is considering pleas from wildlife groups in Israel and Palestine to do something that will give local wildlife a way through the separation barrier between the two countries that’s now approaching it’s tenth anniversary.

The impassable barrier, part wall, part series of barbed wire fences, that stretches for 490 miles, was designed to keep Palestinians out of Israel. But like so many other separation barriers that nations have erected against each other over the centuries, it’s devastating to the other animals for whom these boundaries are meaningless.