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How Nonhumans Vote

How do nonhuman animals vote for which direction to go in? The animal “kingdom” turns out to be much more of an animal democracy – and, in many respects, a lot more democratic than most human so-called democracies.

Cat Fight in British Politics

As an unprecedented political drama continued to unfold outside London’s 10 Downing Street, police had to be called to break up the catfight over who should inhabit the Prime Minister’s official residence.

How the World Ends – in Silence

Proverbially, the world ends either with a bang or with a whimper. But last night we learned that it will end, instead, in silence.

In a debate that was all about how we relate to the rest of the world, neither President Obama nor Gov. Romney ever mentioned the global devastation being wrought by climate change, the mass extinctions that are unfolding, the multiple pandemics that can break loose at any moment, the poisoning of the land, the oceans and the air we breathe, or any of the other enormous threats we face.

Ryan the Bow Hunter

A major deer hunting magazine calls him “a diehard whitetail hunter.” (In fact, it’s the deer who dies hard.) Paul Ryan is a bows-and-arrows hunter, who…

Fox’s Mole and Romney’s Horses

Political pundits are twittering about the Fox News mole  who’s sending gossip to Gawker. The mole’s first dispatch: Mitt Romney chatting “off camera” with Hannity about…

Utah Bans Undercover Farm Photos

Hard on the heels of Iowa’s ban on undercover investigations of factory farms, Utah passed a bill on Wednesday that ban photographing farm animals or operations under “false pretenses.” Both houses of the Legislature overwhelmingly voted for passage, and the bill now goes to Gov. Gary Herbert for his signature.