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Mitt Romney’s Hunting Exploits

During yesterday’s South Carolina Republican debate, Mitt Romney added “hunting skills” to his list of presidential credentials, but got confused over which animals he’d actually hunted.

Why Diet Pills Appeal to Republicans

If you’ve done a search online for “Rush Limbaugh” or “Rick Santorum” lately, you may have also been looking for a weight loss remedy. That’s one of the conclusions from sociologist Shankar Vedantam, who’s been running the new Google Correlate through its paces.

Rick Santorum Shoots Birds to Snare Votes

Santorum had joined Iowa Congressman Steve King for a day of killing birds near Des Moines. King’s endorsement is considered important, and Gov. Rick Perry, who’s also struggling to get ahead in the upcoming Iowa caucuses, has already been out killing twice with King.

Obsessed with Seamus

NPR media correspondent David Falkenflik takes up the question of why New York Times columnist Gail Collins is so taken up with the story of how Mitt Romney once strapped the family dog to the roof of the car for a 12-hour drive to Canada.

How Do You Define a Person?

While a pair of cells may be deemed to be a person, a 40-year-old elephant or orca, who carries the wisdom and culture of her community, is no more considered a person than is a computer or a pile of garbage.

Pets Get Vets at Occupy Wall Street

Family pets were among the first to lose their homes when the housing crisis struck, so it’s good to know that four-leggeds who are hanging out with their families at the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest are getting free health care.

Why It’s ‘Manly’ to Shoot Birds

John Kerry made a last ditch stand to gain more votes in his presidential campaign by donning camo gear and heading out to shoot small animals. This, his campaign managers, believed, would make him seem like more of a leader.