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At a Crossroads with Nature

Health professionals are recognizing nature-deficit disorder as a critical factor in what ails young people emotionally and psychologically and physically.

When the Earth Twitches

Instead of taking up a way of living that’s in harmony with the Earth, we’re always busy trying to take dominion over it. We want to be masters of the universe, but we’re not even masters of our own neighborhoods.

World’s Greatest Squirrel

“A squirrel managed to get into our indoor-outdoor den while we were away,” writes renowned blogger Zennie Abraham. The squirrel hadn’t survived, so Zennie decided that the least he could do would be to give her a good funeral

Caught in the Custody Crossfire

Did Norton the parrot belong with the family he now lived with? Or with the neighbors who had given him away but now wanted him back? Companion animal custody cases are becoming more common. Check out the judge’s ruling in this one, and tell us if you agree.

His Tenth Life

Left in a book-drop on a freezing winter’s night, Dewey became the world’s most famous library cat. A new book by his librarian and caregiver tells tales of people who wrote to her about how their own lives were changed by the love of a cat

Top Wildlife Photos of the Year

“Tigers never look you in the eyes,” says one of the winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. “They never stare at you. Tigers are cool. They’re not bothered by humans.” Here are some of the other top photos

Nine Lives and 9,000 Miles

When a French couple set out from Miami two years ago on a trek to the tip of South America, they brought only backpacks, good shoes and idealism. And then along came an orphan kitten.

Happiness Is a Warm Puppy

How a dog helped a patient in psychotherapy rediscover her true emotions. “Animals have a way of triggering the deep imprisoned emotions of love, kindness, trust, value and playfulness,” explains psychologist Dr. Ruby Benjamin.

Sunday Hike

The creek at Angel Canyon By Michael Mountain This is my first afternoon hike down to the creek here at Angel Canyon since the end of…

Cow Pumps Her Own Water

Aet at a village water pump, a “water-cooler discussion.” By Rishi Dev I was just driving through a village. It was hot as ever and I…