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SeaWorld’s Three Whoppers

It was all a bit too good to be true. Even as the CEO of SeaWorld and the CEO of the Humane Society of the U.S. were smiling together, SeaWorld was preparing an advertising blitz trashing animal protection organizations with a series of blatant untruths.

Shamu’s Exercise Machine

SeaWorld is planning to install exercise machines for the orcas it holds captive at its marine circuses.

Orcas like Tilikum, SeaWorld’s biggest killer whale, who has killed three people and now spends most of his time languishing motionless in a small tank, could get some longer-distance swimming time.

Should we give SeaWorld a thumbs-up for this?

ABC Nightline Takes On SeaWorld

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. With the movie Blackfish currently playing at the American Film Institute festival in Washington DC, ABC’s Nightline looks into…

SeaWorld Discloses ‘Risk Factors’ in IPO

SeaWorld Entertainment, apparently under pressure from the Securities and Exchange Commission, has filed a revised prospectus for its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. Corporations preparing to go public on the stock market are required to let potential investors know the “risk factors” that may be involved. And SeaWorld wasn’t too keen on letting investors know how public opinion could be starting to turn against these circus shows.