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Cookies for Killing

Four years of hard work finding homes for dogs, cats and other homeless pets at the Shelby County animal shelter never won a word of applause from PETA. But the prospect of this no-kill shelter getting out the death potion once again had PETA calling for a celebration. They sent a basket of cookies to congratulate the shelter on deciding they might need to kill some of the animals.

War and the No-Kill Movement

The no-kill philosophy extends way beyond homeless pets. It’s a way of living that takes killing off the table – in every area once and for all. You can’t be no-kill and go hunting. You can’t be no-kill and be pro-abortion, pro-capital punishment or pro-vivisection. And you certainly can’t be no-kill and support going to war.

An Evening with Daniel

Joe and Geralynn are deeply committed to the cause of homeless pets, and it was truly touching to see Daniel in a home that’s just perfect for him and so valuable to all the animals he and his “mom and dad” are committed to rescuing.

PETA Euphemizes as it ‘Euthanizes’

With the blood of tens of thousands of animals on their hands, these two Lady Macbeths are probably incapable of stopping killing homeless pets on their own. So it’s time for animal protection organizations to speak up with a single, united voice against this unconscionable travesty.

An Act of Dog

It’s hard to grasp the sheer number of homeless dogs put to death in shelters each day. Shelters estimate 5,500. But that’s just a number that can’t tell the story. Nor can bios or memorials. But it can perhaps be accomplished in art.

Two Lives Down, Seven to Go

On death row at Utah’s West Valley City animal “shelter,” Andrea the cat was put in the gas chamber, along with several other cats. When they took the dead cats out, Andrea was still alive.

Surfing Pooches Raise Big Bucks

Buddy was one of the remarkable pooches at the sixth annual Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon in Del Mar, California. It’s all fun, but with the serious purpose of raising funds for the Helen Woodward Animal Center – a no-kill shelter, adoption center and clinic, outside of San Diego.

Killing Shelter Pets Is Never the Answer

How do we bring an end to the killing of homeless pets in shelters? It’s simple: We stop killing them. Only when you take killing off the table do you start looking for real alternatives. First comes the commitment, then come the solutions, and that’s how we get to be a no-kill nation.

Big Apple’s No-Kill Goal

New York on schedule with homeless pets “There’s never been a better time to be a dog in New York City,” said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg proudly. The mayor…