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PETA’s Kill Stats–2012

According to their report to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA took 1,958 animals into their care at their “shelter” last year, and killed 1,747 of them.

PETA is required by law to submit their shelter figures to the state each year.

The animals they took in were mostly dogs and cats. Of these, 5 were retrieved by their guardians, 23 were adopted, 130 were transferred to other agencies, the fate of 43 were listed as “miscellaneous”, and one was still at the “shelter” at the end of the year.

The figures also included 81 wild animals, of whom 9 were returned to the wild, and the others were killed.

In total PETA killed 89.2 percent of the animals they “rescued”.

This, believe it or not, is an improvement over 2011, when PETA took in a total of 2,190 animals and killed 2,090 of them. The 2011 report is here. And earlier reports can be accessed here.

PETA continues to insist that killing homeless pets is the kindest thing to do. By way of a good example of how deranged their thinking is, Washoe County (Reno), Nevada, which has been one of the most economically depressed regions of the country, has reached a save rate of 94 percent.

PETA, with its national reach and large financial and publicity budget, kills almost 90 percent of the animals they take in. Reno, which operates on a shoestring and welcomes all the unwanted and stray animals of the county, saves more than 90 percent of the animals they take in.

The No-Kill News blog has a listing of other communities that have reached a 90 percent save rate. PETA could learn quite a lot from them.