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For the Love of Sloths

Monique Pool has up to 200 sloths at her sanctuary home in Paramaribo, Suriname. Outside of the city, the rain forest is being bulldozed for cattle…

From Albert Camus

“Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.” From “The Rebel” by French novelist and philosopher Albert Camus.

On Picking Up Starfish (Starhorses?)

Last month, I wrote about my friend Tom, who, after doing much to bring an end to the killing of homeless pets, finds himself involved in horse rescue and rehab – one horse at a time. Last month, Spartacus, an 18-year-old Peruvian Paso who had had a horrible life, had just had a visit from the chiropractor. Here’s an update from Tom on how Spartacus is doing a month later:

How Your Wishes May Come True

We are not humans as something separate from other species, says India’s former Environment Minister Maneka Gandhi. You can only love yourself if you love all the other kinds of animals. “I love them because all of them are me and it is the ultimate self-love to see myself in every blade of grass and therefore to be respectful of it.”