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Olivia Munn Pans Groupon Circus Coupons

Olivia-Munn-100912Actress Olivia Munn is asking her fans to stop using the coupon site Groupon as long as the company makes deals with circuses.

Currently, Groupon is offering half-off tickets to the Circus Spectacular in Chicago, which features elephants dancing precariously on stools and tigers leaping through flaming hoops.

In an open letter to Groupon, Munn says that the circus is violating the Animal Welfare Act and that until the company severs its ties with circuses, she will urge fans, friends and family to refuse to purchase deals through Groupon.

“I hope you can see that whether you’re an animal lover or not, there isn’t a good argument for supporting those who mistreat animals. Elephants, tigers, and other animals who are owned or rented and used by these circuses are robbed of everything that is natural and important to them…

“Most of the circuses that Groupon has promoted have been cited for violations numerous times, including in the last two years – so promoting them violates Groupon’s own policy. Earlier this year, an elephant handler travelling with one of the circuses that Groupon often promotes was arrested on multiple counts of cruelty to animals.

“Please do the right thing and give animals the ‘deal of the day’ by permanently severing your ties with circuses that use animals. Until you take this action, I will refuse to purchase deals from Groupon and urge all my fans, friends, and family members to do the same.”




Groupon has been struggling in its attempts to launch an IPO and attract public investment. Munn plays a financial news reporter on the HBO drama series The Newsroom.