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Animal Intervention

I’m sometimes a bit suspicious of people who call themselves animal lovers. “Loving” animals can mean all kinds of things. And while most of the people…

The Country Vet

For the weekend: A rescued stallion who’s all hormones … a pit bull who literally ate the homework … a pheasant with a broken leg ……

Donkey Rescuer at Queen’s Garden Party

Most days, she’s out looking after the donkeys at the sanctuary she founded in Israel. But last week Lucy Fensom was at Buckingham Palace for one of the pre-Jubilee garden parties hosted by Queen Elizabeth.

Bob Barker Does It Again

Just three weeks after he completed a half-million-dollar donation to Chimp Haven, a Louisiana sanctuary for former laboratory chimpanzees, Bob Barker has sent $250,000 to Save the Chimps, a sanctuary in Florida.

Welcome Home from War!

In Homer’s Odyssey, Argos the dog waits for 20 years for Odysseus, to come home from the Trojan War. Unable even to stand up any longer, he refuses to take his last breath until he’s been reunited. Here’s a more joyful compendium of Welcome Home videos.

Teenage Girl Risks Life, Saves 25 Horses

Ignoring warnings from her stepdad, 15-year-old Madison Wallraf dashed into a burning stable on Wednesday night and rescued 25 horses from the blazing fire. Taking the reins of the terrified horses – in some cases just throwing ropes over them to lead them out – the 4-foot-10 girl guided as many as possible to safety.

My Last Day with the Lions

Scottish bank worker and singer Douglas Hamilton has become something of an Internet sensation after posting a video of himself with lion cubs on his last day volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa.

U.K. Activist Takes on the Big Vivisectionists

Steele makes the vivisection industry very nervous. He has almost single-handedly brought to a halt the trafficking of animals from abroad who are bound for laboratories in the U.K. His strategy has involved little more than encouraging people to flood the directors of the transportation companies’ with e-mails and letters.

Elephants Mourn Elephant Whisperer

His human friends are not the only people mourning the loss of Lawrence Anthony, the man known as the elephant whisperer. At Thula Thula, the private wildlife park in South Africa where he was the director of conservation, the entire herd of elephants who knew him and loved him, came to his home to say farewell.

Emirates Woman Opens Pet Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Afra Sultan al Dahiri says she almost gave up setting up her dream of opening a hotel for pets in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. At first, her application for a license was turned down on the grounds that a pet hotel is not listed as an economic or commercial activity there.

Two Girl Scouts Fight the Palm Oil Industry

Teenagers Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madison Vorva had been studying orangutans as part of a project to earn their Girl Scout Bronze Award four years ago. The palm oil goes into numerous baked goods and other “fun” foods, and the orangutans and their kind are now threatened with extinction.