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Emirates Woman Opens Pet Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Afra Sultan al Dahiri says she almost gave up setting up her dream of opening a hotel for pets in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. At first, her application for a license was turned down on the grounds that a pet hotel is not listed as an economic or commercial activity there. 

But Afra kept going. She wanted to do something about the fact that many people in the UAE travel abroad and leave their pets behind unattended.

“I saw many animals left in the street because their owners are away.,..this made me more determined to open this hotel….it was first rejected by authorities but I did not lose hope and finally I fulfilled my dream,” she said. 

Another pet hotel in the UAS opened last year in Dubai, which helped open doors for Afra, and the five-star pet hotel is now open to cats and dogs. Birds and reptiles will be welcomed later in the year.

The hotel includes separate rooms, a vet clinic, animal and bird trimming section, and dog training section. 

Rooms range from small size for small animals to VIP rooms with extra facilities. “All of them are equipped with air conditioning while VIP rooms are supplied with TV sets,” Afra said. “We are also installing advanced audio systems so the animals can enjoy music as helps them relax and feel better.”