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An Act of Dog

It’s hard to grasp the sheer number of homeless dogs put to death in shelters each day. Shelters estimate 5,500. But that’s just a number that can’t tell the story. Nor can bios or memorials. But it can perhaps be accomplished in art.

James Cromwell: They’re Not Pets and I Don’t Own Them

Actor James Cromwell is about as passionate for animals as it gets. Ten years ago, he was even arrested during an animal rights protest in Fairfax, Virginia, at a Wendy’s and then ordered to stay out of all Wendy’s restaurants in Fairfax County Virginia unless he intends to eat there … which, one would imagine, he has no intention of doing.

Petunia’s Christmas Mystery Marvel

Young Frankie Pruitt was sitting at home drinking hot chocolate, one morning eight years ago, when Petunia the pit bull raced out of the house and across the meadows with the family’s other dogs to visit the alpacas on the family’s Virginia farm. It was all part of the daily routine. No one took any notice.

Leonardo da Vinci – Animal Protector

He ate no animals – instead he bought them to set them free. He deplored vivisection. And while other scientists were experimenting on live animals, cutting them up to see how they “worked”, he was drawing their anatomy in greater precision than anyone had ever done before.

New Home for a Dog and Her Seeing-Eye Dog

“This is the happy ending we were all hoping for and everyone is delighted for Lily and Maddison,” said Louise Campbell, manager of the Dogs Trust shelter. “The Williams family were the perfect match, and we know they’ll give the dogs all the love and fuss they so deserve.”

Circuses Take a Hit in Congress

Watch out, Ringling Brothers and others. Congressman Jim Moran is nipping at your heels. And veteran animal protector Bob Barker was by his side on Tuesday, along with Jorja Fox, to introduce a bill that would stop the use of exotic animals in traveling circuses.

The Cuckoo Thief!

This cuckoo had just stolen a reed warbler’s egg out of her nest when she came face-to-face with Czech photographer and film maker Oldrich Mikulica.

Days in the Life of a Country Vet

For many of us on this website, when we think of cows and pigs, we think of the horrors of factory farming. But for a rural community in Michigan, there are still family farms doing things the traditional way. And Dr. Jan Pol is their veterinarian.

Where Are the Churches?

Church inaction over animal welfare compounds animal cruelty, said Professor Andrew Linzey, a theologian at Oxford University and director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

Newark Mayor Receives Humane Award

Newark Mayor Cory Booker was one of the people honored at a gala dinner last week, put on by the Humane Society of the United States. He was presented with the Humane Public Servant Award.