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New Home for a Dog and Her Seeing-Eye Dog

Lily and Maddison celebrate their new family

It’s a happy ending for Lily the blind Great Dane and her friend and seeing-eye dog, Maddison.

Six-year-old Lily was just a puppy when she was struck down by a condition that caused her eyelashes to grow into her eyeballs, damaging them beyond repair.

Her friend Maddison, a year older than Lily, became her new eyes and led her everywhere. The two have become inseparable.

But in July their guardians, who lived near Shrewsbury, England, came upon harder times and felt they could no longer keep the dogs. So they took Lily and Maddison to the Dogs Trust shelter.

The shelter was determined to keep the two pooches together. It took more than three months to find the right home.

But last week, the lucky pair were adopted by Len and Anne Williams who live in nearby Crewe, Cheshire.

Len Williams is a retired fireman, and Anne is a business manager for an insurance company. They fell in love with the dogs when they read about them.

“We’ve always had two dogs together,” Anne said. “I like them to have company, and so taking on two of them wasn’t a daunting prospect. My daughter moved out five months ago, taking her two English setters with her, so the house has felt a little quiet without them. We live in the countryside and I miss having a reason to go for a walk, I can’t wait to take the dogs out with us. We’ve also got a lovely big garden so it’s the perfect setting for two huge dogs.”

“This is the happy ending we were all hoping for and everyone is delighted for Lily and Maddison,” said Louise Campbell, manager of the Dogs Trust shelter. “The Williams family were the perfect match, and we know they’ll give the dogs all the love and fuss they so deserve.”

The couple plan to take the great Danes on vacations to France and the Lake District and ensure they both enjoy life with their new family.

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