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Raven Asks for Help with Quills

A young raven lands on a fence in Nova Scotia, and keeps squawking for over an hour. A girl, Collen Cleary, goes over to the fence to see what’s up, and sees that the raven has porcupine quills stuck in his feathers and his face.

The girl runs to get her mother, Gertie, who carefully pulls the quills out. The raven complains, but manages to keep still, knowing that he needs her help.


Gertie told CTV News it was “a child with a splinter. When you pull the splinter out, they holler and screech and pull their hand away.”

Collen added that Wilfred (“Yeah, I named him!”) hung around for a day before taking off again.

Hope Swinimer, the founder and director of Hope for Wildlife, told CTV that without help, the fledgling raven probably wouldn’t have survived.