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Disney Worried about Promoting SeaWorld

Pixar Studios is getting cold feet about the happy ending it had planned for its Finding Nemo sequel.

According to ArtsBeat writer Brooks Barnes, the upcoming movie Finding Dory was going to end with the animals finding their way to a SeaWorld-type marine park. But Disney, which owns Pixar, is having second thoughts.

As a result of the sometimes harsh Blackfish, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, and the resulting publicity battle SeaWorld has had to fight, Pixar decided to restructure that part of the story so that the fish and mammals taken to its aquatic center have the option to leave.

At the same time, Bloomberg TV notes that investors are worried about the possible impact on SeaWorld’s earnings and stock in the wake of the movie.

It’s not yet being seen as a serious problem, and SeaWorld has been having a successful summer with vacationing families filling up the seats to watch killer whales performing for them. But there’s a level of anxiety over the possibility that a change in consciousness is beginning to take place in our overall attitude to having these magnificent animals held captive and spending their entire lives entertaining witless humans.

All in all, the new movie is having a greater effect than anyone had expected.