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Barcelona’s Last Bullfight

On Sunday, with one last-gasp gory spectacle that concluded with six dead bulls, Spain’s province of Catalonia brought bullfighting to an end.

Barcelona’s last bullfight attracted big crowds, but attendance overall at these spectacles had been dropping (soccer is more popular), and one of the bullrings had already been converted into a shopping mall.

“We haven’t done anything to hurt anyone,” one of the diehards complained.

Still, the old diehard spectators complained that one of their favorite “traditions” was being stopped. “We haven’t done anything to hurt anyone,” one of them said.

Animal protection groups have long been urging an end to the barbaric practice, and their chance came as a forward-looking Catalonia was looking for more ways to differentiate itself from the more conservative other parts of Spain.
Bullfighting is already banned in the Canary Islands, which are also part of Spain.

Here’s a video from Euronews. It includes a moment of darts being stuck into a bull, but no killing.