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‘Seven-Star’ Pet Hotel Opens in Dubai

It has plasma TV in all of the dog suites for the dogs to watch, and webcams in every room for their humans to watch when they’re on business in faraway countries.

It caters for up to 70 dogs and 40 cats, is fully air-conditioned, has its own gymnasium, and costs $31 to $105 a night.

It’s the Urban Tails Pet Resort, and it’s just completed its first summer in business in the United Arab Emirates.

Its owner, Irish animal lover Aideen O’Mara, calls it a “seven-star” hotel for pets – the “pet equivalent of the Burj Al Arab,” referring to Dubai’s over-the-top hotel, built on its own artificial island, and considered the world’s most luxurious resort.

“Most of the pets in Dubai use boarding facilities,” O’Mara said. “And there was no facility in the country that was attempting to make boarding stress-free for the pet and their owners.”

So, in addition to the spotless facilities, cats get twice-a-day cuddle and play time, indoor cat jungles, and whatever menu you specify. Dogs have an indoor oasis, classical music, and a doggie boot camp if you want Fido to lose some weight while you’re away and can’t bear to put him on a diet yourself.

“I have always had pets,” O’Mara said. “And I feel that animals are given a bit of a raw deal in the UAE in terms of pet services on offer, and they do not have much freedom in comparison to dogs in Europe.”