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Hunter’s Partner, Not Bear, Killed Him

Remember the story last week about the hunter who shot a bear and whose partner, trying to distract the wounded, enraged bear from attacking his younger partner, was killed by the bear?

Well, it didn’t happen that way.

The older hunter, it turns out, wasn’t killed by the bear. He was shot by his own partner.

Lincoln County Sheriff Roby Bowe said an autopsy determined that 39-year-old Steve Stevenson of Winnemucca, Nev., died of a single gunshot to the chest. The cause of death was determined by a medical examiner with the Montana State Crime Lab.

The shot was fired by 20-year-old Ty Bell, also of Winnemucca. Sheriff Bowe said police are sure it was an accident, but need to complete their investigation.

The whole miserable scene of incompetence, cruelty and irresponsibility, leading to two completely unnecessary deaths, can now both be laid at the hands of a foolish young hunter who couldn’t shoot straight and should never have been out in the woods in the first place.

Read the Associated Press report here.

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