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Brooke Shields Should Try It Herself

Brooke Shields going ape over fur? So much for commitment to the animals.

When we last met up with her, she was a celebrity presenter at the Genesis Awards, the animals’ knock-off of the Oscars. “My day job is an actress,” she said, barely out of her teens and standing beside her proud mother. “But my life is for the animals.”

Now, it seems, the animals’ lives are for her. Shields is all excited about the furry animals whose skins are going to adorn her. “I will wear the fur garment when I follow my children to school, when I drink coffee and when I sleep,” says Shields.

To keep their fur looking unblemished, minks are killed by electric shock delivered by a probe through the anus. Maybe Shields would like to try that out herself for a nice new life experience.

See the story at Ecorazzi.

Also a scathing comment at PETA, where Shields used to be one of their pet celebrities. (Fact is, getting a Hollywood celebrity involved in an animal cause is a risky proposition. Dozens of them sign up, only to flake out and abandon the cause when fashion or fortune float in front of them.)