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Payback, Buffalo-Style

Call it poetic justice.

Or call her a lap buffalo.

The water buffalo had been shot by a hunter, and her head was now mounted on the wall in a house on the Florida Keys … right above where a friend of the hunter, by the name of Jeff Harris, was snoozing.

Then, on June 11, Buffy, as we’ll call her, dropped off the wall.

It turns out buffaloes aren’t only dangerous when they’re out in the wild. Buffy, now resting on Mr. Harris’s lap, had him trapped under her. He couldn’t get up (man in recliner … friend of hunter … booze … TV … we can imagine the general picture), but he could still just reach his cell phone. A short while later, sheriff’s deputies arrived, freed him from being held hostage, and took him to the hospital.

Rest in peace, Buffy. You’ve made your point!