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‘Ugliest’ Dog Goes to Heaven

Miss Ellie, winner of the “World’s Ugliest Dog Contest” in 2009, has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

This little sweetheart had been campaigning tirelessly on behalf of homeless pets and shelter dogs in her home state of Tennessee. (She helped raise $100,000 for her local humane society in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. And the Mayor of Pigeon Forge designated November 12th, the day she won the Ugly Dog Contest, as “Miss Ellie Day.”)

Ellie’s person, Dawn Goehring, ran her campaign from Ellie’s personal page on Facebook, where she is described as being “9 pounds of Chinese crested hairless cuteness.” In the days before final votes were cast, Ellie would post messages like:

The Semi Finals Are HERE! I need your help with votes and getting the word out so that we can help the Sevier County Animal Shelter! Follow the link, vote for me and pass the info along. Every single vote counts! Thanks all!

Miss Ellie lost her sight in her last few years, but she never slowed down. And Dawn says she isn’t going to slow down, either. She told her local newspaper, The Mountain Press, “I am going to get out there and find a way to raise money to build a new shelter.”

Godspeed, Miss Ellie. Be with the angels!