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Kittens Versus Demolition Experts

And the kittens win … of course! Neighbors of an old hotel on Miami Beach leaped into action when demolition vehicles pulled up outside, ready to tear down the building.

They sent e-mails, threatened to stand together to block a hydraulic excavator, cited county and state laws against intentionally hurting or killing animals, and teamed up with local animal rescue groups.

Inside the Simone Hotel were a dozen kittens and their feral mother.

The demolition company has agreed to wait until a humane trapper can rescue the momma cat and her kittens.

On Miami Beach, when it comes to business or government versus cat people, the cat people usually win. Seymour Gelber was the mayor of Miami Beach during a cat flap on his watch 15 years ago. He later wrote to the mayor of nearby Surfside: “There’s one absolute rule in politics: Don’t mess with cat people.”

Read about it at the Miami Herald.

P.S. Because of ongoing home foreclosures, there are more feral cats on Miami Beach than ever. If you live there and want to help, check out The Cat Network.