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Longest Tongue…Most Balloons…

Latest animal records from Guinness

Puggy’s tongue is almost as long as his entire body. Four and a half inches.

Puggy the Pekingese is 10 years old. His person, Becky Stanford, of Texas, adopted him in 2002 after he’d been abandoned – apparently because his tongue was too long for his former family to abide.

“People who meet Puggy for the first time do a lot of double takes,” says Becky.

Puggy is featured in the latest (2001) edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

“It means a great deal to us that he has accomplished what he has,” says Becky. “From being a stray dog, being dumped, to being a Guinness World Record Holder is just phenomenal.”

Best Balloon Popper

If you had to guess what kind of dog could pop the most balloons in the shortest time, you’d have to say it’s a Jack Russell Terrier.

You’d be right. Anastasia goes bananas over balloons. In her Guinness trial, she popped 100 in just under 45 seconds. That’s more than two balloons a second.

It all started at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party, says her person Doree Sitterly, of Westlake Village, California. “Anastasia just went crazy for all the balloons,” says Doree.

Anastasia has a job as a stunt dog, so she’s used to showing off. “When she sees balloons in public, she starts with a small whine and builds to a squeal. She’ll then begin screaming like a Banshee and is difficult to control. She is focused on popping balloons only and nothing else.”

Very Jack Russell!