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Froggie Goes a’Courtin’

More and more, conservationists are looking to school kids, retirees and just plain folks to help catalogue wildlife. Citizen scientists can count backyard butterflies, songbirds and ladybugs. Or frogs.

FrogWatch USA is looking for a few good amphibian spotters to help researchers document which frog species are declining, increasing or holding steady. Zoos and aquariums across the country will help train volunteers.

Think you already know your green tree frog from a spring peeper? Test your frog literacy at the US Geological Survey’s website.

Many species of frogs are seriously endangered, and there are efforts around the world to monitor and protect them. You can sign up as a FrogWatch volunteer to help monitor wild frogs in your neighborhood.

Note: FrogWatch is a program of the Association of Zoos and Aquaria, and while Zoe endorses the FrogWatch program, we do not support keeping animals in captivity.