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This Week in Green – Oct. 30, 2010

Record your vote

Regardless of your politics, or thoughts about California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, there’s no denying he will leave an environmental legacy when his reign ends next week.

And while the two-term governor has just days left to affect policy, he’s leaving on his terms, and with a whirlwind of actions.

Schwarzenegger recently filmed a commercial opposing Proposition 23 with director James Cameron, in which Schwarzenegger plays a small, but humorous role. Prop 23 is a ballot measure aimed at suspending the state’s global warming law that Schwarzenegger proudly passed in 2006.

As Cameron and Schwarzenegger note in the commercial, Prop 23 is being financed by two Texas oil companies. Prop 23 goes before the voters on Tuesday. If you live in California, record your vote.

Also this week, Schwarzenegger participated in an official groundbreaking ceremony in the Mojave Desert. The ceremony was to kick off a project to build the first large-scale solar thermal farm to be built in the U.S. in nearly 20 years. The Blythe Solar Power Project was one of six major announcements from the Department of the Interior in the past month to launch large-scale production of renewable energy on public lands.