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World’s Longest Cat

Stewie the cat has grabbed the world record for world’s longest cat – by a whisker.

Measured officially for the Guinness Book of World Records, Stewie came in at 48.5 inches, just a half inch longer than the previous record holder.

Stewie, a Maine coon kitty, lives in Reno, Nevada with his family, Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness, who said they’d decided to try for the record after so many people told them they were amazed by Stewie’s length.

Maine coon cats are generally big and furry, with large paws and, often, extra toes. These features are an adaptation to the snowy climate of the northeast United States. How did they first come to the Americas? A popular theory has it that the breed sprang from the six pet cats whom Marie Antoinette sent to Wiscasset, Maine when she was planning to escape from France during the French Revolution before she was captured and sent to the guillotine.

More likely, they are the result of shorthaired domestic cats mating with longhairs who traveled with New England seamen or arrived even earlier with the Vikings.